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Hardware IDs

CATS packets can contain information on the hardware that was used to generate the packet. This is done using a 16-bit hardware ID, which can range from 0 to 65535. Note that hardware IDs are not required and do not need to be specified.

To prevent multiple projects from using the same ID by mistake, the below table is meant to be a comprehensive list of all CATS hardware IDs. To request an ID, either send me an email (see the homepage) or submit a PR.

NameHardware ID
SP9DEV Balloon & Rocketry Projects0x1b39
VE3KCN CATS Base Transceiver0x7c70
CATS Mobile Transceiver0x7c84
CATS RF4463 I-Gate0x7c85
CATS SDR I-Gate0x7c86
RS41ng (RS41)0x7d00
RS41ng (DFM-17)0x7d01