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The I-Gate consists of a small red PCB which contains an FSK transmitter, as well as some software that runs on a Raspberry Pi.


With the gateway that exists between FELINET and APRS-IS, packets that are picked up by this I-Gate eventually end up on APRS-IS.

Initial Setup

Warning: Do not run the I-Gate without a properly matched antenna or dummy load connected. Failure to do so could result in transmitter failure!

The board should be installed on a Raspberry Pi. Since the software is very lightweight, it should work on any generation Pi.

For software setup, refer to the instructions here.


The I-Gate board is available for $24 USD, plus shipping. This is just for the raw board - you will need to supply a Raspberry Pi. Of course, the software is completely free and open source.

You can purchase from Tindie.

Source Code