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Mobile Transceiver

This is a standalone CATS transceiver, designed to be used in mobile installations. It can also be used as a standalone digipeater station.


Initial Setup

Warning: Do not run the mobile transceiver without a properly matched antenna or dummy load connected. Failure to do so could result in transmitter failure!


Connect USB to the front of the unit.

Refer to instructions here.


Connect antenna or dummy load to antenna port on the back of the unit. Ensure you connect it to the right port - not the GPS antenna port.

Optionally, connect an external GPS antenna to the GPS antenna port on the back of the unit.

Connect a power source between 6-18V to the screw terminals on the back of the unit. Look at the LEDs to verify the board is working as intended.


Green lightRed LightStatus
OnMomentary flashesBoard operating normally. Red flashes are on data transmissions
FlashingOffConnected to USB for programming. TX disabled
OnFlashingTX disabled by configuration
FlashingFlashingBoard error, possible software or hardware issue
OffOffPower is not connected, or voltage is below configured threshold voltage

There is also a red LED on the GPS module itself. This LED will blink when the GPS has a fix.


The mobile transceiver is available for $69 USD, plus shipping.

You can purchase from Tindie.

Source Code